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Brief information about the steel pan


Steel Pan ( The National Instrument of Trinidad & Tobago ) is the only new
acoustic musical instrument to be invented and accepted world -
wide in the 20th century.

The Steel pan (Pan) also known as Steel drum, is a percussion
instrument made from a 55 gallon drum. This musical instrument
was invented in Trinidad & Tobago during the (1930s) nineteen
thirties, in the period around the time of the 2nd world war.
1938 - 1939 are considered by many to be the "birth" years​
of the steel pan. If you compare the steel pan to other musical
instruments like the piano, violin, trumpet and flute etc. which has
been around for many centuries, the steel pan is a very modern

The people of Trinidad and Tobago are proud to say we have
given the world a musical gift, a truly beautiful instrument ;
"The Steel pan instrument".

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